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Why Email Marketing Might Be The Most Important of Them All

Own your data, own your profits

Email is special, you know that right? Why?

Email is the ONLY audience you truly OWN. No algorithm to beat, no ongoing ad fees, and true buy-in from your biggest fans. 

But you need to treat them with love and respect and offer true value. That’s exactly why we give away our most valuable growth hacks over email. We want you to LOVE us. Subscribe to the prompt if you want access to key insights like these early on. This post originally went out as an email to our audience about a month ago.

I know you’ll return the favor soon 🙂 

Here’s how to build your email list FAST:

1 – Create one piece of content that is the MOST value in the shortest read time

The best way to get people to opt-in and engage is to deliver them a real piece of value.

Back in 2018, Kale, my cofounder here at K&J created the most commented video on LinkedIn at the time

  • He did this by creating a comprehensive guide on how to grow on Linkedin and includes a case study on how he made his content go viral with step by step directions.

This one PDF has gotten hundreds of thousands of reads and over 3,000 email subscribers in 3 days (many of you reading this came from that guide!).

Think of it like this – what is the one biggest pain point people come to me with – in sales calls, support requests, posts to groups?

Then consolidate that into one succinct PDF – a “lead capture” as they call it. Present the problem solution in a straightforward way.

For example – “How to increase your average order value for budding e-commerce companies” 

2 – Drive massive traffic to your content

 Once you have your piece of content (doesn’t even need to be sexy — The Linkedin guide above is plain text formatted in Word and exported to PDF), it’s time to get it in front of people.

Facebook/IG ads are incredibly effective for building email lists.

We see email leads coming in as cheap as $0.20-$0.50 each. For a $1,000 monthly investment in ads, you’re looking at as many as 5,000 new email subscribers per month. The index is around $2. But if you make your CTA/content topic extremely compelling, you can get it down to $0.20 too.

All these people got something of incredible value from you and feel the need to reciprocate that value – warming their purchase intent.

A few more methodologies:

  • You can use IG stories and Link in Bio to drive traffic
  • Or create a viral-style LinkedIn post where users must comment and DM you their email to get it, just like Kale did
  • You also want to create an email opt-in popup on your website using Sumo app for WordPress, which is free and sends all your subscribers to Mailchimp and other email platforms. You probably saw ours 🙂

If you saw my previous post, I explained exactly how to create a viral Instagram contest – which is an affordable and effective way to grow your list. People enter their email for a chance to win $1,500+ in prizes. As seen below, we gained 9,200 entries on our recent contest below.

Instagram Contest Results


3 – Continue with immediate audience engagement (Seinfeld and SOAP emails)

Once you have people in your email list, it’s important to set a clear precedent (aka “we will be emailing you regularly, but it will be worthwhile not spammy).

Then – deliver hard-hitting value! 

Don’t sleep on your audience like we did, haha! Prepare and launch an automated welcome sequence of 5-11 emails. A helpful template we love is called the SOAP sequence, which is plain text format and driven by storytelling. (Mailchimp is great for this – free for up to 2,000 contacts.)

SOAP Email Sequence

Once the welcome sequence is done, either send super-valuable custom emails, or try out the Seinfield style emails, by Russell Brunson, the king of online marketing.

daily seinfeld sequence emails


Hope this was helpful! 

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