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Fake Instagram Followers

Why Buying Fake Followers & Engagement on Instagram is Destroying Your Account

No one escapes big brother. You cheat, you’ll pay.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post – automation software / bots can have adverse effects on your Instagram’s account health.

Same goes for fake followers and likes. 

Instagram has one of the most advanced algorithms of any company today and an incredibly powerful software development team.

They see the trends before most of us do. And they know exactly what to look for. That’s why they create specific triggers on Instagram that punish users for “abusing” and exploiting the functions of their platform.

Here’s how it goes:

  • When you send likes and followers from a “fake” source, Instagram keeps a log of those “liking” accounts that use irregular IPs and don’t engage naturally with content. Then it blacklists those IP addresses
  • So any likes and comments you get from shady sources will be tracked and end up harming your IG engagement
  • It’s no longer about “likes”. In many regions, users on Instagram can’t even see the count of likes on your posts
  • Same with followers – a high ratio of followers and low engagement screams inauthentic. Users are smart enough to spot these trends and instantly your credibility is in question – directly sabotaging the first stage of the sales process: Rapport Building
  • Instagram outwardly takes a stance against it, so you know internally they are too

If you’re a repeat offender, you could have your Instagram account shadowbanned, which is when Instagram partially blocks your content so only users who follow you can see it.

You might even be banned outright. An outright ban will also permanently block your username, meaning you won’t be able to recreate your account. In the most serious cases, Instagram could restrict your IP address from accessing the Instagram app and website.

Still hitting a wall on creating natural real engagement?

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