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Award-Winning Growth Hacker Marketing Agency

Whether that’s recruiting 500 influencers, sending 150,000 DMs in a month, or helping an eCommerce company reduce its cost per acquisition by 70% – we work best in our edge

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What They’re Saying

High Standards, Firm Values, Deep Culture

Our Principles


Empathy, purpose and authenticity are the fuel that drives K&J team forward; staff is given paid time for meditation, learning & more.


Respectful honesty, clear communication and a “team” mindset makes K&J’s internal operations incredibly efficient – with daily team check-in calls.


A natural disposition for action coupled with a deep history of “test and learn” empowers our culture to act quick, and make data-driven optimizations.

Our Practices

Design Thinking

With artists-in house, and creative thinkers all around – K&J prides itself on our ability to paint the big picture

Test & Learn

Instead of a “wild west” house of creatives, K&J Master Specialists lead your campaigns – typically testing 500+ ad combinations to find the perfect conversion recipe


To offset the nerdiness and acronyms, we have Care Specialists whose job is to translate and communicate

Join the Movement and Transform Your Marketing Results

Our team of 14 specialists makes sure you have dedicated, expert support on every initiative. Meaning, no “generalist creatives”. Instead, deep experience and focused support mean better marketing results.

Meet The K&J Family

Outside Recognitions

Over 150 Businesses served

K&J Specializes in Venture-Backed Startups, Tech Companies, Mid-Market Firms & We’re Willing To Help Anyone With The Right Mindset

And many more small & medium businesses. Need help with your marketing?

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So How Can K&J Help You Amplify Your Sales & Marketing?

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Products – Growth Marketing

We are consultants in everything marketing, sales and operations

  • Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Ads: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin +
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Influencers & Viral Marketing
  • Rapid Instagram / Social Media Follower Growth
  • Design: Website, Mobile Apps, Print
  • Email Marketing

Design Portfolio
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Services – Business Consulting

Start up consulting – we can write processes, community engagement, developmental stage that we’ll get them to the next stage (i.e. aerial applications developed funnels on top)
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Services – In Person Events & Experiences

At K&J we’re focused on building a business that revolves around our lives and not the other way around. See what our upcoming events are and meet some of the biggest change-makers across a range of industries at our next retreat
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K&J’s Proven Process

Always Refining, Optimizing And Implementing

Step 1) Discovery & deep learning

Step 2) Research & visualization

Step 3) Objective & Goal setting

Step 4) Campaign Design

Step 5) Testing and AI

Step 6) Scalability & Profitability

Our deep-rooted belief in a test & learn methodology often results in over 500 ad variants tested on a single campaign to deliver the best ROI.

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We’re A Business Based On Living & Learning

Vertically integrated, success oriented

Meet the K&J Family

Jonathan M.

Managing Director

Kale P.

Managing Director

Erin L.

Director of Client Services


Caleb C.

Marketing Strategist

Gabe B.

Head of Influencer Marketing

Anthony S.

Head of Media Buying

Pablo R.

Head of Paid Search

Stephanie C.


Eza N.

Illustration & Graphic Designer


Media Buyer

Regine G.

Brand Designer


Webdev, Ecommerce


K&J Office

Los Angeles
12655 W Jefferson Ave Floor 4 Los Angeles CA 90066

K&J Office

Dunedin, NZ
87 C York Place, Dunedin, Otago, NZ

Growth Hacking Agency

K&J Growth Hackers is a digital marketing agency in los angeles, that is small and nimble – known for pioneering several marketing strategies including Influencer Marketing using Bulk Direct Messages, Instagram Growth of 100K real followers per month, Viral PR syndication of 40+ articles at a time, Linkedin Virality process, a 500 unit A/B testing strategy for Facebook ads, and many more.
As of Fall 2020, the team is 18 people, a diverse team with offices in New Zealand, Los Angeles and London. Our growth hacking strategies have been applied to brands as small as startups, all the way up to TikTok, Triller, Monster Energy, Xfinity and more. K&J focuses on eCommerce conversion rate / marketing, and tech companies – namely app downloads / install campaigns, as well as some B2B lead generation strategies.

In addition to growth hacking, K&J is also a branding agency, and has capabilities in brand plans, brand guides, brand strategy and implementation through SEO, influencers, press / public relations – and on any given day you can see one of our clients get featured in Forbes or Inc Magazine.
K&J has won several awards and acknowledgements as a digital agency for its creative risk taking, client onboarding process and in house tech innovations / unique marketing strategies.
Beyond the creative component, K&J offers 100% satisfaction guarantee and no contracts for qualifying clients.

However, we must be selective, which is why we ask that all inquiries apply to work together. This ensures we only work with great cultural fit, and don’t spread our team thin.

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