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What Is Chat GPT and How Can It Make Me Money in 2023?

I’m going to go very in depth for those of you who are eager to learn about Chat GPT.  But I don’t want to leave us just marveling at the technical wizardry behind Chat GPT. I’m going to take this chance to explain how artificial intelligence (AI) and automation can be used for businesses in media & content creation, as well as those in the digital growth marketing world.

Chatbots Are The User Interface for A Tsunami of Backend AI

Here’s how Chat GPT works. Open AI launched Chat GPT in Nov 2022. Open AI is the name of the for-profit research firm, its non-profit parent company, and its open source AI technology.

It’s an open source technology that engineers have been teaching conversational language for a very long time. Open AI means that it’s open source, so anybody can access the code and contribute to the project.

There’s a basic code that lives on a dev platform like GitHub or similar platform. Anybody can grab the code and tinker with it to make improvements, then upload them to the repository for peer review and perhaps, implementation into their versions of the code.

Developers have been working on this AI technology for a long time and it’s finally to the point where now it can be consumer-facing. That’s what Chat GPT is. It’s the face.

Chat GPT is the consumer facing overlay of the tsunami of AI technology that’s right around the corner in everybody’s future.  The implications are huge.

Since its launch, everybody has been talking about Chat GPT. There’s obviously a lot of opportunity that will be created in business from AI.  In fact, there’s a lot of new digital businesses that will be created based solely on Chat GPT.

Everyone wants to know— How can I use Chat GPT for my online business?

Chat GPT is literally a chat. You put in a prompt, a request, a message, or whatever— and out it spits a piece of written content as a response. It’ll come in the form of a blog post if there’s some depth to your prompt, leaving it room for a deeper answer.

We’ve been using AI to create some of our ad copy for years now. But it hadn’t got to a point before where it is going to be more high-converting, and more compelling than what a human copywriter would write. We’ve always had to have a human overlay.

Fast forward to today. Chat GPT has reached a point where I’m actually confident that it can do what a human can do. Let’s just say you ask it to tell a story about a Picasso painting, say his first painting that he made in Italy. It will actually write you a story about that.

The way it works is that it sources content from all over the Internet. It uses algorithms that have learned from all the prior prompts that people put into it.  From that, it forms a more and more accurate story and refines its proficiency in language mechanics and conversational usage.

How You Can Use Chat GPT To Make Money For Your Online Business

It doesn’t stop at text conversations over a chat page. This kind of AI can also produce videos. It can produce artwork, graphics, and all kinds of stuff.  I’m sure you’ve seen some people using AI image generators to make memes of Shrek getting crowned the King of Italy, or something outlandish.

You can put anything in there, and it’ll come up with an image that competently addresses your request. Increasingly, we are seeing revelations like Chat GPT that will consistently respond to requests in a way that most human users would rate as beautifully, impressively, and humanly as well as competently. AI engines that seamlessly and fluently deliver usable results have a lot of potential for business and marketing purposes.

You could, for example, give Chat GPT a prompt like, “What are the three core tenets of SEO?” and it would scrape the Internet, Google, and all these different sources. Then fact check, correct, and build a cohesive and readable piece of content to answer that prompt like a well-informed, fast-typing human could have written.

Why is Chat GPT valuable for online marketing and digital growth hacking?

You don’t need a copywriter anymore. But you do kind of still need a copywriter, because the AI can help generate ideas and set pace so fast that your copywriters will now become far more productive.

You still want somebody to go through and make your web copy harder hitting.  That’s the main issue with AI-generated content. It’s just not as hard-hitting as what a motivated and creative human with a little bit of business aggression would think to write.

We human writers are more prone than chatbots to get a flash of inspiration for copy that really resonates with, and motivates, the human audience we are addressing.  This spark transfers our enthusiasm to readers to encourage movement, for the product, for the service, for the moment.

Even the most impressive AI chatbots today still use a lot of fluff content, fashioned together from their aggregates and averaged out to what they are taught is the most appropriate way to write answers.  However, all of those outputs are based on the inputs.

If you get your inputs right and fine tune them correctly, by forming your prompts with the appropriate kind of specificity, your outputs will be better.

The way we’re thinking about it at K&J Growth Hackers is: How can we create systems, templates and frameworks to produce the best prompts for the chatbot?

In that way we can streamline, and somewhat automate, a piece of the process, as well, and produce a vast amount of quality, specialized content for a niche we want to promote.

When it comes to an ad, typically we have the structure:

  • Hook
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Call to action (CTA)

So, we have to make sure that we put all four of those prompts into Chat GBT in a way that it produces content that performs those four functions in relation to a specific ad. There is a bit of an art and a science to this. It’s still a craft, blending the human touch with AI and not exactly as simple as you may imagine it would be.

If you just throw something in there like, “Give me ad content for why my Omega 3 supplement is the best,” it’s going to ramble on about why Omega 3 is great in all the generic ways it can scrape from Google. It’ll grab those ideas of what to say from Wikipedia and similar pages regarded as high authority. It will tie it all together into a pretty compelling story and an enjoyable read.

But, if you can structure your prompts in a certain way, where you’re pushing more intelligence and direction through the program, then it can produce a more detailed and hard-hitting explanation for Omega 3. So, you want to give the AI more direction to prompt it to sell your product/service.

For instance, if you know that most Omega 3 supplements have 20% potency and yours has 80%, try to prompt Chat GPT to tell you there are differences in potency between Omega 3s and the distinctions of the product’s refinement process.

You would want some aspect of what you’re planning to say in the ad copy and have that be included in the prompt. The content that the chatbot generates is all dependent on your inputs.

Why Chat GPT Is Great For Writing Content for Facebook Ads

For one thing, it’ll create original content each time, meaning you’re never going to be plagiarizing anything.  Original, non-plagiarized content is huge for SEO.

What I’m going to talk about in this blog is blogging and SEO using AI generated content by sending the right prompts to chatbots like Chat GPT.  I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this story,  but there was a teacher once who posted on Reddit or Quora complaining about a student who had been a D student for the entire semester.  Then one day, the student wrote an essay that was unlike anything the teacher had seen before.  The student got an A+ on the essay, but the teacher was frustrated, because they wanted to punish the kid for plagiarism, even though this teacher couldn’t verify his theory.

They put the essay into a bunch of plagiarism checkers, and it didn’t match with any. So clearly, the content wasn’t plagiarized. But did he actually write it? Probably not.

That’s the power of it.  All the content is original, because each little enunciation or variation in the input that you bring, will produce a different, unique piece of content as the output.  You can imagine the capabilities of that.

Say you have a company and you want to generate more SEO traffic.  Go and find competing blog posts on a topic that’s really important to you.  Let’s say you want to signal your authority to the reader that you know how to run Facebook ads in 2023.

You can go find somebody else’s article about that exact topic, take the bullet point headers out, and put them in Chat GPT.  It would produce an article just like that one,  but it would all be different content than what your competitor said. It would be completely original.

The chatbot would (likely) have more intelligence behind its writing.  It would have more sources of information and data that it can draw on lightning-fast.

Plus, it’s going to fact check everything, that way there are no contradictions.  It tries to get you the best, most accurate facts about your prompt, and then builds a cohesive story out of that.

Digital Marketing On Steroids: Facebooks Ads and Content Generation Using Chat GPT

This opens a huge door when it comes to content generation. If you’re producing content that needs to explain the basics of Facebook ads, there’s tons of content out there already about Facebook ads.  The key is, you can make it unique to you simply by putting it into Chat GBT (Artfully crafting the prompts to get a quick writing job turn around from bot).

Now, that’s only half the story of why this is so powerful and so useful for business. Potentially, you could have an article written every week and be publishing every single week, in far less time (With one click) than it would have taken you before, without the help of the chatbot.

It would all be new, original content you could release every single week to promote your digital marketing efforts for your small business. There’s plenty of ways this supports a solid SEO strategy.

Remember what I said about the inputs directing the outputs of the AI? Well, what matters in SEO is the keywords, right? The content has a certain density of keywords.

The more naturally integrated those keywords are, and the higher density of that keyword, the better it will rank on sites like Google.

You can put keywords into your prompt for the input on Chat GPT. Then it would be more likely to spit out a very keyword dense article using the ones you used, and semantically related ones. This whole process will be generating new, relevant keywords for your blog post automatically.

Therefore, you just got for free what would normally cost $500 to $1000 to pay a copywriter. The reason Chat GPT is such a viable tool for online advertisers and growth marketers is how remarkably accurate the results are, and how cleaned up and in tune the grammar is.

Any layman or freelancer working for your business, or for you yourself, could set up a publishing schedule for doing weekly blog posts. Then, all that person would have to do is put a few sentences of prompt into Chat GBT. It drafts up the articles almost instantly and you can start posting them as soon as you wish.

It boils down to how much thought you put into your prompts.  The article results will be keyword rich in content, so they will start ranking naturally on Google.

You can see where this is going. It’s going to set off an AI arms race. Google and other search algorithms are going to get way more competitive.  Everyone has increasing access to the same level of quality tools like Chat GPT.  It’s just a question of how much you and your small business use it, or let your competitors beat you to it.

It’s urgent that you get on top of this, and learn how to use it well, early on.  It’s fairly straightforward and there are so many people like yourself who are super hard working and very passionate. They’re going to get on it right away.

The fact that you’ve read this far below the fold shows you are serious about adding this technique to your toolkit to promote your business through online marketing with Chat GPT.

Take this as your sign to get started learning about how Chat GPT works and how you can make it work for your business.

How to Generate Search Engine Optimized SEO Blog Content With Chatbots Like Chat GPT

Moving forward, I think generating articles for SEO optimized content is a great use for it, because you’re never going to be copying anybody.  It’s going to be original content.  It’s going to be keyword dense and nearly instantaneous. It’s fast, and it’s free, essentially.

That’s one great use of chat GPT that I think everybody in digital marketing can apply right away. But there are other uses for it. We’re literally looking at the tip of the spear right now because it can draft a paragraph or even an essay.  Think of the other applications, if it can come up with such smartly written content. It can come up with images and it can come up with videos at this point, as well.

Websites will change. Advertising will change. Everything on the Internet, all of those things you will eventually be able to generate practically at the press of a button with a prompt you just plug in to an AI.

You will be able to make a quick request, “Hey, I want a website about how to start a modeling career.” Then you can put that in and will eventually be able to draft up a whole website from prompts about your main topic.  You can see where this is going.

For now, it can work amazingly already as a usable solution for your marketing strategy – To write SEO optimized blog posts and articles. You can have a set of responses that the AI grabs from a bank of common, appropriate answers (To answer customer support requests).  Big corporations have been using these AI at an increasing rate in recent years.

When a customer starts a ticket with the automated support desk, it’ll give them an AI optimized answer. The AI-customer support program will come up with unique responses based on that person’s support requests.  This level of operating can of course, do ad copy.

I do urge caution on letting the chatbot lull you into complacency about the quality of your ad copy.  It will spit out pretty general content, especially the more general, and less detailed your questions are.  Remember, it’s all about inputs. Again, you really need to work on the inputs. If you take the time to do that, and work with the chatbot, it can become a really powerful tool for generating copy ideas.

Chat GPT is a great tool for a starting point. It can get the conversation going. If you’re hitting writer’s block, or your copywriter can’t get over that initial hurdle, you can bring your ideas to the chatbot and it will spit something out that might get your wheels turning.

From there, you can just optimize it.  Put some more heartbeats in it, add more punch to each line, and that’ll make your content even more relatable and engaging.

Beyond the ad copy content, images, audio, and video are the next frontier of AI, getting into the territory of “deep fakes” (just a term for original content created by a bot).

Development is reaching a place where the Open AI can produce legitimate, original imagery. It can produce blog posts, like we’ve gone over already, but it could even produce a script for a podcast to publish and promote.

Anything on the content production side is going to have an amazing level of new enablement. I don’t know what the true implications of that are down the road.  This technology has only recently reached such a fine level of capability, we have only just begun to imagine its possibilities.

It may make things so super competitive that content is no longer as valuable monetarily as it used to be. And it’s just so on demand, that you know, anybody can find the answers they want, so why would they need to go to your site? But for now we’re not there yet. And these were the kind of worries people first had about Google and every new paradigm of the world wide web.

Now is the time to act on it and start getting some SEO optimized Chat GPT AI content out there. There are going to be a lot of other implications from this, but it opens a whole world of opportunities. You could start a content marketing agency that just produces blog posts weekly, and you can start selling what you do for your own brand, and so on.

I urge you to keep reading up on it and learning on it.  We’re just at the beginning of AI enablement of super high quality, high volume production and it’s going to become so, so much more powerful.  All due to the fact that it’s open source. People can download the code and they can work on it and optimize it themselves.  The development of these AI tools is going to take off, even further.

It’s not just one company working on it. It’s like the blockchain concept. The blockchain is a network architecture with contributors from all over the world. They all add to it because they’re interested in it.  Then you got big money, like Silicon Valley venture companies that are also investing heavily in it too.  The firepower is growing. It’s also going to present some concerns and questions…

Concerns And Disruptions to Conventional Digital Marketing from AI Chatbots Like Chat GPT

First of all, Google’s model is based on people searching for content and Google ranks, as you know, all the websites that have relevant content for that query.

The issue is that Chat GPT and AI are actually providing better answers than Google is now. So Google may be rendered obsolete. We might not need to ever search Google again. We could just have an app on our phone and say, “Hey, how should I style my hair for a wedding?” or whatever your question is. Then it’ll give you an answer that’s optimized based on thousands and thousands of blog posts and images, all sourced from all over the world all at once.

If it goes down that way then what are the odds that nobody’s going to be clicking on a Google ad? If that’s the case, if AI just gets so good it just gives you the right answer, who will keep looking through results and clicking on advertisements?

The rise of Chat GPT could make companies like Google have to completely change their business model, and that could really upend business.

As for a lot of other businesses, such as content marketing agencies, it’s going to completely change the landscape.  There are a lot of dangers and risks going forward. That’s why I think, if you’re in the business of online marketing, or a digital entrepreneur, you need to be aware that this could completely uproot your business offering.

Along with the promises of AI, a word of caution, to the wise.  Know what the risks are here. There are going to be hungry people who start businesses around this quickly.

They’re going to start building and, before you know it, you may be losing customers to a new company that auto-generates content when you are doing it manually. So, you need to think about that because that could slow you down. Be aware of that risk.

Beyond just content production and marketing, there’s obviously a lot of global and societal shifts that will happen because of these developments in AI.

One reason why is that authenticity is always going to be in question. People will be wondering in the back of their minds, asking each other, “Did you come up with this, or did you just get it from the Chat GPT?”

I don’t know if you’ve seen the video that I posted recently of Morgan Freeman talking. The funny thing about that video is that it was not Morgan Freeman. It was an AI rendering of him and it had a photo or video of him on the top and video of the other guy on the bottom.

So you have these two people talking, and they’re moving at the exact same pace, same expressions and gestures, the same, except one guy looks like Morgan Freeman and the other guy looks like somebody like me. They were capturing the actor’s motions in real time and then rendering them as a computer generated image of Morgan Freeman.

That’s one of the techniques content producers have developed to produce “deep fakes.” That’s where they’ll produce a whole video (people have done this with Elon Musk) where they have him saying some absurd stuff, but it’s not really him speaking, it’s a deep fake, AI-generated video.

Closing Thoughts on AI Generated Content and SEO Marketing for Digital Growth Hacking

The world of plagiarism and authenticity is going to come into question. At the same time, things like having verified profiles are going to become much more important. Blockchain and network encryption techniques could come in here.

The ability to enforce the removal of fake content that is misleading and damaging will be something to navigate as part of network governance. If people post an unflattering video to YouTube of you saying something you never actually said, that’s a huge risk for anybody in the public domain.

A faked story could go viral for two days and create a shockwave in the country, society, or the markets and it could have been BS the whole time.

So, there are definitely a lot of risks and opportunities to build tools around extending authenticity and policing plagiarism. That’s to protect the content that people are creating.

Back in the day, a similar problem was the media misquoting people. Less scrupulous journalists would be caught conducting interviews and reproducing it in a way that was deceitful and deceptively edited.

Now, it’s got to the point where it’s so advanced that deep fakes can look and sound and feel real.  Somebody may never have the chance to defend themselves against that.

For instance, remember when Joe Rogan was getting nailed to the wall over racist remarks.  It was revealed that the journalist was taking out words here or there, or snippets, obfuscating the context in his podcast interviews. That was the old era.  The new era of trolling could go to a whole new level.  The deep fake aspect is not to be taken as lightly as teenage hackers in a suburban basement.

Then again, that level of power also provides a tool for positive productivity. So, if you want to create an AI character for your brand, you don’t ever have to show your face.  You could have a “deep fake” video of somebody else talking and create a whole identity for your brand around this, and that can be very productive for your brand, right?

You don’t have to worry about public image, your personal image getting out in public and being misused that way, but you can still participate in online business and ecommerce. There’s the metaverse, right? There are all these possibilities for that.

There’s a lot less risk for people who are using AI for positive and productive purposes. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, right?

As you think about how to integrate Chat GPT and AI into your company in 2023, understand that a lot of other companies are already on top of this and working to utilize it.

We at K&J are redesigning our whole service offering to include a lot of AI-powered technology. We are excited about how we can use it for content production.

SEO is the immediate usage that I see— blog posts and written content creation. You can now produce those documents for free, on an instantaneous and regular basis, and start winning the algorithms on Google.

You can use AI chat for ad copy, you can use it for script development for videos, and so on. There’s a metric ton of capability.  I urge you to keep up with the news.

Keep reading up on what’s going on with Chat GPT and other AI in digital marketing. And if you do try the SEO techniques that I did, let me know how it works out!  I’ll continue to produce more videos and articles explaining this as we research and learn more about it.