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Screenshot of image we used to influence large companies

How To Target & Influence Big Organisations For $20

One of the things that I try to do before I have meetings with big organisations or I’m trying to win their attention is by advertising to them before I enter the building.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can get your product or service in front of an entire organisation by simply spending $20 on a basic ads campaign so that people are familiar with you before you enter the building.

The way I do this is by simply setting up ads in the staffed areas of this company. So, for example, if I wanted an entire companies employees to see my adverts while their at work all I need is their physical address and Facebook will allow me to serve my ads to location for as long as I like.

This tool has allowed me to walk into conversations with some of the biggest companies on the planet and have their staff recognise me and my company before we even chat.

I’ve had employees in elevators ask me where I’m from and I’ll say “K&J Growth” and I’ll get a reply like this “Oh, I saw your ads the other day, it’s cool you worked with TikTok,”. After a small smirk, I’ll proceed to chat with the friendly employee who will typically lead me to the meeting room with the person I’m chatting with. I’ll share with you how I’ve done this with a local company and how you can implement this too.

To get started you’re going to need a Facebook account and a Facebook business manager to kick this off.

Setting Up Your Campaign

The first part of this campaign is to simply choose a product image that is relative to the person you’re going to see. So as an example I went to see the NZRU (New Zealand Rugby Union) the other day for my company Rugby Bricks and I advertised a video of Pete my business partner training with Beauden Barrett a superstar of the NZRU.

Screenshot of image we used to influence large companies

When you’re looking at targeting an organisation or business choose an industry buzzword or image to grab their attention to make sure that when someone actually sees your ad they take notice.

I’ll typically look at the persons LinkedIn profile and look at their core role within the business and try to serve them creative (this can be an article, video or picture) that matches it. I met the Head of Game Development and Partnerships and the discussion we were having was around the monetisation of NZRU digital content.

Once you’ve chosen a good piece of creative that is related to your product and who you’re seeing you can now begin to advertise this to the organisation.

Here is how to set up the campaign:

1. Go to your business manager account on Facebook and select the hamburger menu and choose “Ads Manager”

2. Select the campaigns tab and select the green “+ create” button

3. Select the Traffic option as your marketing objective and don’t worry about selecting or turning on any other options and hit “continue”

4. Name your Ad Set “Company Office Visit and XX/XX/XX” and scroll down to Audience section and stay on the “Create New”

6. Scroll down to location and enter the exact address of the venue you’re hosting your stall in and limit the radius to + 1mile

7. Now continue to scroll through until you hit “Budget & Schedule” from there select your daily budget. I would recommend at least spending $10.00 on your first day to see how the ads perform and getting it in front of as many people as possible and select the “Start” and “End” dates for two days before the visit begins and two hours after the visit finishes. Scroll down and click continue.

8. Stay in the “Create Ad” column and choose the Facebook page that you’re using for the visit

9. Scroll down to “Format” and select single image and then scroll further to “Images” and select “upload images” to upload the piece of creative you choose in part 1

10. Scroll down to “Links” select the homepage of your website or if you’re like us and want to get a bit fancy you can build a specific landing page just for the visit. Write some copy in the text field that gives a brief intro of your name, where you’re from and why you’re visiting the company, conference or office. Here is a template example I used for a fitness conference I attended a while back:

11. From there hit “Confirm” and you’re good to go with your ads running before you even step in the door.

This technique is something that no one else is capitalising on because they’re worried about nailing their pitch when talking to larger corporates.  If you’re doing this you’re going to have people coming to you with a warm intro because they’ve already seen your adverts and they will know your face and product taking away the pain of cold intros.

If you’ want to be really bold you can even set some ads up like this where you ask people to come to chat with you:

This technique is something that I haven’t seen many people use and is a cheap way to get targeted attention. If you’re a consultant looking to win work this one has been an incredibly useful tool for us at K&J and Rugby Bricks and can work with companies big and small.