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How we are saving our business lots of money with simple automation tools

Thirty years ago, running a million-dollar business meant something.

Today, thousands of kids like Pieter Levels are traveling the world building one-person million-dollar businesses from their laptops.

The secret ingredient is automation.

Peter and co can achieve with a couple of pieces of code what used to take thousands in wage costs and endless back and forth conversations.

Check out this chart. That’s how much time you can save by automating a job across five years – based on how often you do it and how long it takes to complete.

Web platforms like Shopify or Xero make building businesses infinitely easier and cheaper.

The best thing is that these tools are built for people like you and us. And we’re stupid if we don’t take advantage of them.

Using these tools, we helped save one business at least $50,000 in wages yearly, and so can you.

All they did was write down the daily and weekly jobs they did.

For example ‘Create a new Facebook post each day’ or ‘Send a thank you emails to customers after every order.‘

Then they googled and entered a search using the job description from above.

Google then suggests a list of software platforms and other tools to do that job.

Most software/tools will give you a free trial and have good onboarding experiences that’ll hold your hand through the learning process.

If you’re worried about how much time it will take you to learn that new tool – refer to the table above, the upfront learning cost will almost always be worth it.

As you get used to these tools, each new one will be easier to learn how to use.

Key Takeaway: You can employ software to work for your business at a fraction of the cost of staff.