Get a 40% reply rate from cold emails. | K&J Growth Hackers

Get a 40% reply rate from cold emails.

We’ve been testing personalised cold emails for the past week, and 40% of recipients are replying.

We haven’t practised cold emailing for a hot minute at K&J because our inbound game has been getting us more than enough work.

But with a downturn on the way, we thought we should test new ways to get clients so we have some backup options in case plan A fails.

One of those tests we’re running is cold emailing.

The industry standard reply rate for a cold email is 1% which isn’t very exciting and probably why we’ve left them alone for the past while.

So we’re pretty stoked with the 40% reply rate we’ve been getting.

Here’s how we’ve been killing it with cold emails.

  1. Personalised subject line
  2. Personalised email
  3. Offer no strings attached.
  4. Most make the cold email mistake of talking about themselves. Instead, you want to talk about how great the other person could be…. With your help, of course.This approach takes a little extra time upfront, but the 40x reply rate improvement is worth it on the back-end.

Key Takeaway:
1. Cold outreach is way more effective when you personalise your approach and make it about them, not you.

  1. To find new growth channels, you need to take many shots at goal. We didn’t know if this would work, and now we’ve found a significant new growth channel.