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Doubling Digital Leads: University of Delaware Masters Program

In a fiercely competitive space, UDel doubles ROI and automates sales journey

By Jonathan Maxim,
Managing Director at K&J Growth Hackers

About University of Delaware

Horn Entrepreneurship is the creative engine for entrepreneurship education & advancement at University of Delaware.

About K&J Growth Hackers

Two seasoned growth marketers unite in 2017 to found one of the top growth agencies today. Bringing a colorful background of writing for top publications like Forbes & Inc., combined with nitty-gritty marketing experience at a Fortune 500 serving 25M+ customers, as well as expertise in social media virality, press coverage & deep personal networks.

Today, they’ve served over 150 customers, and some of the largest companies, government agencies, and universities as well as the leanest startups and tech firms – united all by the pursuit of amazing results.

K&J is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and is comprised of 25 specialists, from sales copywriters to marketers to graphic designers.

In the world proliferated with online master’s degrees, making an “In-person”
program standout is incredibly difficult.

Two years after launching the Master’s in Entrepreneurship & Design degree, University of Delaware approached K&J to help generate interest and leads for their MS program that focuses on entrepreneurship, a space where students tend to be prefer “learning by doing”.

Actions Taken
To combat the competitive landscape, K&J developed and tested 10+ custom
audiences, ranging from email lists, to lookalike audiences, past students and
competing local school’s undergraduates.After reviewing performance by
audience, offer / call to action, creative combination and more – the team found an audience combination that reduced cost per lead by 78%+ from $47.75 to $10.68 today and doubled lead volume to the highest ever for UD Horn.

The multi-stage marketing funnel developed caters to every stage of the customer journey: Awareness,Engagement and Conversion. Using 15s video ads for generating interest, we retargeted all who watched with a PDF download, just like this one. Followed up by an automated nurturing campaign with advisor/human touch-points at beginning, middle and end.

Then automated the whole marketing program, so now to grow leads UD simply increases ad budget.

Facebook/ Instagram Story Ad Campaigns

Lead Form

Sales and Marketing CRM

Email Nurturing Campaign

Advisor Reaches Out

Automated Email Follow ups

Results Delivered

As a result, University of Delaware has:

  • Cut cost per lead 78% from $47.75 to $10.68, improved ROI ~4X
  • Created a scalable automated customer journey with human touch points to be used for years to come
  • Reached 99,000+ prospective students and captured leads from 3 local competing universities
Looking Toward Further Innovation
UD Horn is first increasing their ad budget to leverage the low cost per lead. Moving forward, commissioned K&J to refine and automating their whole internal sales process so that more students can gain access to the right tools to start a company and have a real, positive impact on society as social entrepreneurs, tech founders & more.
University of Delaware’s remarks
“The campaign looks great! We have experienced a huge influx of leads in the last 30 days. Now we’re just focused on a process to meet with every prospect, inviting them to tour, and more. Also, we would like to increase the ad budget as you recommended.”

Meg Marcozzi,
Marketing Manager at University of Delaware

Industry standard for higher education leads cost is $64 CPL for business programs on Facebook Ads Source

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Gartner Group recently predicted that 60% of large organizations will have in-house customer journey mapping capabilities by 2018, up from no more than 20% in 2015.

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