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Pack your sales calendar with 100+ qualified appointments with eComm Automation Leads per week, Guaranteed

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We’re the world’s first performance-based marketing firm focused on eComm automation companies

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Meet Our Partner PushAMZ. We Drove $4,445,000
New Revenue in 6 Months

From the K&J Lead Engine – Powered by Social Media, Search and Organic Traffic Sources

Snapshot of Weekly Sales Calendar

K&J’s Data Dash for This Project

Snapshot of their 30 Day Sales Report

K&J’s Data Dash for This Project

Clients Who Love K&J


  • Referrals that just kind of “float in” (without any predictability or scalability)
  • Affiliates & agents that charge crazy commissions and aren’t “your employees”
  • Don’t have a way to “dial up” leads and sales
  • Do any of these sound familiar?

    There’s a better way! Are you going to take it?

    Or keep doing what everyone else is doing and get left behind?

    Let’s Put You on the Growth Rocketship

    Clear Target, Aligned Incentives (Performance-Based Compensation) and Massive Scalability

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    Fully Built-Out, Heavily AB-tested Marketing Funnel for AMZ Automation Companies

    We’ve been working on this funnel for over 2.5 years and done over 1,500 AB tests on creative, content, call to actions, offers, videos, images and more to find the perfect conversion recipe

    Automated Lead Bookings for 100+ Qualified Appointments Per Week

    Our platform requires prospects to apply and if they qualify by our rigorous scoring system – only then can they can book a call. That means, you only get on the phone with truly-qualified leads who CLOSE!

    10+ Data Points on Each Prospect, Even a Sales Team who can close for you

    We know the prospect’s net worth, risk appetite, portfolio makeup, and even credit score – and feed that all direct to your sales team. And if you need sales muscle, we can do it on a commission-only basis!

    Here’s How the K&J eComm Automation Lead Engine Works

    Our Promise: K&J Will Double Your User Growth Rate, and Cut CPI 50% – Guaranteed

    We get you traffic from: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Outbound Email and LinkedIn Prospecting – using our proprietary content strategy

    Anyone going through the funnel needs to apply on a dynamic form with if/then logic based on their responses and scores prospects according to your sales qualifications

    We send the approved leads through to a sales CRM for you, and book the appointments right on your calendar

    Case Studies

    Over 2,000 eComm Automation Deals Closed for Countless Firms


    • 150 appointments per week
    • $800,000/mo in consistent revenue for over 24mo
    • 6 sales reps making multiple six figure incomes


    • 743 bookings in first 4 months
    • Average deal size of $50,000
    • Trained and scaled full sales team


    • 50+ bookings per week
    • Raised average deal size from $20,000 to $34,000
    • Utilizes 2 of our sales reps and doesn’t have to lift a finger

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    What Does it Cost? What Does it Include?

    Clear, Simple Pricing and Structure to Make All of our Lives Easy

    Launch Pad Digital CMO Digital CMO Advanced Digital CMO Platinum
    Six Months Investment $36,000 $50,000 $75,000 $100,000
    Monthly Investment $6,000 $8,333 $12,500 $16,667
    Rev share 15 0/o 13% 12% 10%
    Funnettype Unbranded Unbranded Unbranded Branded
    Starter deposit $2,400 $3,333 $5,000 $6,667
    Charge on day 15 $3,600 $5,000 S7,500 o,ooo
    Lead Volume Low-Mid Mid High Highest
    1) Research and Planning
    Marketing Channels / Campaigns 2 3 4
    Research, Development & Custom Marketing Plan DFY
    Marketing Funnel Flowchart DFY
    2) Marketing Implementation
    Premier Video Commercial DFY
    Branding Basics: SEO, CRO, PR DWY DFY
    Ad Campaign Creatives (Carousels) DFY DFY
    Ad Copywriting DFY
    Ad Videos: Script writing, Filming, Editing/Post DFY
    AB Testing 500 Ad Variations / Audiences DFY DFY DFY DFY
    Custom Application Form DFY DFY DFY DFY
    Landing Page & Welcome Video DFY DFY DFY DFY
    CRM -> Calendar Integrations DFY DFY
    Tracking and Analytics: FB pixel, Dash, GA4 DFY DFY
    3) Safes Process, CRM and Optimizations
    Sales Reps on Demand Separate Cost DFY
    CRM Development – one time DFY DFY
    CRM Ongoing Mgmt and Optimization – ongoing DFY DFY
    CRM Marketing (Email, SMS, calling) DFY DFY
    Sales Team Setup & Development (via SalesConnection) DWY DFY
    Offer Development Workshop + output DFY
    Sales Workbook (Process, Deck, Scripts) DFY
    Pricing Audit/ Strategy & Price Sheet DFY
    Sales Automations & Zapier Setup DFY
    Automated Lead Assignments & Calendar Setup DFY
    4) Post-Conversion / Measurement
    Detailed Data and Strategy Reports DFY
    Team Strategy Sessions biweekly DFY
    Data Dashboard (realtime) DFY
    Launch Pad Basic Advanced Platinum

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    How do we drive global growth?

    If you have global aspirations we can harness the power of our US based team to optimise local and regional opportunities and penetrate international markets.

    With Kale heading up the NZ side from Dunedin and John leading our US team from L.A., our global reach provides us with a powerful edge that we use to cut through the noise in an increasingly competitive digital space.

    Got Questions? That’s cool. Got you!

    • Are these leads exclusive or given to other firms as well?

      We only give one lead to one partner, there are no shared leads

    • How exactly do you drive me the leads?

      We use social media ads mainly as they have the best historical close rate and biggest deal sizes but also use organic content on several other channels to increase trust

    • What is the total monthly investment amount I should expect?

      A healthy funnel that makes $1,000,000 per month in new revenue typically costs around $60,000-$80,000 per month in marketing costs and services.

      But, you only pay that if you’re making money first. A “non scaled” campaign will cost $8,000-$16,000/mo for services only.

    • Do I need to pay a retainer fee or commissions or both?

      We charge a fixed fee of $8,000 – $16,000 per month for the labor cost of campaign setup and utilizing our IP / system

      Once you start closing deals, we take 10% – 12% of the deals that we send you. If we close them for you, that increases to ~20% for our commission-only sales reps

    • How many salespeople do I need to scale to $1 million per month in revenue?

      We’ll conduct an analysis and if you’re growing at, say 100,000 new downloads per month, we We see a power team of 4 and the average sales team requiring 6 reps to close $1M+

    • What price point can I charge these prospects?

      Most of our firms charge $20,000 – $50,000 depending on the package level

    Let’s do This!

    Apply Now

    What we Require in App Partners

    Just like you want to work with qualified partners, so do we

    Basic Criteria for Approval

    eligibility for performance basis

    • 1M users in 6 months
    • 20%+ D1 retention
    • User Onboarding and FTUX
    • Premier quality app
    • Marketing budget of $20,000+/mo

    Advanced Criteria

    eligible for Top Tier Programs with 100% Gaurantee

    • all the basic criteria plus
    • 20% or better close rate
    • 1,000,000+ users
    • 100K+/mo ad spend

    The K&J Guarantee

    We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    If you meet our client criteria, then based on your package, we promise:

    100+ bookings per week

    We will get your average ticket to at least $20,000+

    We will close your first deal

    We will build you a sales department & team

    Or, you don’t have to pay… It’s that simple.

    Our Proven Process

    Our deep-rooted belief in a test & learn methodology often results in over 500 ad variants tested

    Step 1)
    Discovery & deep learning

    Step 2)
    Research & visualization

    Step 3)
    Objective & Goal setting

    Step 4)
    Campaign Design

    Step 5)
    Testing and AI

    Step 6)
    Scalability & Profitability

    Meet the K&J Team Leading Your Growth

    “Top Founders to Watch” – Startup Grind | #28 Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies


    Jonathan Maxim

    Kale Panoho

    Adam Stinson

    Working Teams

    Craig Drenan
    General Manager

    Travis E.
    Project Manager

    Jay Still
    Account Services

    Lisa Maxim
    Creative Strategist

    Joshua V.
    Performance Media Buyer

    Pablo Roche
    Head of Paid Search

    Santiago S.
    Performance SEM Media Buyer

    Eza N
    Head of Illustration

    Regine Garcia
    Head of Branding Design

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