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Ready for your app to go viral? Find out how we helped HeyPal get 1 Million users in 6 months.

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Where do we specialise?

Lower Cost Per Install

We can help cut your CPI by up to 50%.

Let us know your CPI and we will make it cheaper, gain more users, and improve your App Store Optimization.

Atomic Network Strategy

We helped bring 18,500+ new users to TikTok in the first 30 days.

Our personal user referral strategy drives engagement and virality at accelerated speed.

Higher User Quality

We helped TikTok acquire 75,000 new tier 1 users in the USA, UK, and Brazil.

We can help you get new, quality users that you care about, and make it cheaper

How do we get results?

We intentionally place our conversion centric copywriting, cutting edge media buying, and innovative outreach strategies on worlds largest media platforms and then continually optimise for maximal ROI.

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How do we drive global growth?

With Kale heading up the NZ side from Dunedin and John leading our US team from L.A. our global reach provides a powerful edge to cut through the noise in a competitive digital space.

If you have global aspirations we can harness the power of our US based team to optimize local opportunities and penetrate international markets.

What do our clients say about us?

“K&J Growth helped us gain 18,500 app installs in our first 30 days of the campaign”

Xi. C
Marketing Manager at TikTok

Joshua V.
Sr Media Buyer

How does it work?

We don’t run like your regular agency. We’re vertically integrated meaning we don’t have generalists we have specialists that work with generalists to get you the best results. Say hello to a handful of the team specialists.

Joshua V.
Sr Media Buyer

Pablo Roche
Head of Paid Search

Eza N
Head of Illustration

Lisa Maxim
US Creative Lead

Regine Garcia
Head of Branding Design

This team then makes sure that you’re looked after operationally, say hello to the team you’ll be chatting with on a regular basis if you jump on board to work with us.

Adam Stinson
Junior Partner

Craig Drenan
NZ General Manager

Jay Still
NZ Operations & Client Services

With Jon and I to help guide the ship.

Jonathan M.
Managing Director

Kale P.
Managing Director

So where to from here?

We’d love to have a chat with you about how we can help you and your team. The gift box you’ve received from us represents a lot of what we care about as a company. We’re taking some of the world’s best practices from the hub of LA and applying a bit of Kiwi class to bring you an agency breaking borders and boundaries.

The gifts in this box represent learning, testing, culture and performance. If you think you could do with a bit more of that in your life then let’s set up a time to chat.