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Executive Assistant Job Description

Hi, we’re K&J Growth Hackers

We are looking for a mid-level executive assistant who can bring their own systems and processes to the K&J team, with experience working in digital marketing – to support the CEO.

This isn’t your normal “job” – it’s a deep, inspirational experience with coaching and mentorship all along the way. We vet our applicants very carefully and only accept those with:

  • Cold hard hustle work ethic, or “Tiger Blood” as we call it
  • Open-minded, heavily meditated, can handle immense pressure
  • Extreme commitment, dedication, and conviction

This is not a “cushy corporate job” and you should only apply if you like the startup environment: relentless hustle, versatility, and rapid learning & growth.


Assist CEO in all his executive duties as needed:

  • Planning and coordinating travel, personal/work calendars, company events (digital / in person), meetings, and team matters
  • Helping manage email inbox, Instagram Inbox and page, LinkedIn, and other inboxes
  • Assist in administrative duties such as: 
    • Activate communication tracks across several platforms, including email, Whatsapp, Telegram, iMessage, Slack, and more
    • contacting and coordinating with business partners
    • submitting articles to publications
    • Daily task prioritizing and planning
    • Help with project management of personal and work projects
    • Taking meeting notes, sending follow-ups
    • Planning and attending events
    • Data entry
    • Reviewing and remarking on legal documents
    • Preparing and finalizing Powerpoints and liaising with contacts
  • Coordinating with lateral team members and outside contacts
    • Head of finance
    • Managing partners
    • Direct reports and team members
    • Prospects, clients
  • Help with the client and internal marketing campaigns as needed
    • Sharing updates, documents, deliverables, and other campaign-related matters
    • Providing executive-level review, feedback, and ideas on various topics
  • Knowledge of the following is a big plus:
    • EOS – Entrepreneur Operating System
    • ClickUp, Kanban, Agile, Scrum project management

 Base Compensation: 

  • $40,000 – $50,000 per year, paid on hourly basis
  • Time tracked using Toggl App

Term: 90-day probationary period

  • 1099 Contractor Status
  • At 90 days, a performance review will be conducted
Why Work at K&J?

So if this sounds like you and you’re still reading here are a few of the cool things we’ve done & why you might want to work with us: 

  1. We strive to be the best: working with the world’s most valuable startup ByteDance and their flagship social media company TikTok. We generated over 100,000 new downloads across the globe in the space of 60 days. We’ve helped numerous other companies do similar things, including Publicly-Traded ClickStream’s HeyPal gaining 200,000 app downloads upon launch.
  2. You can work from home. If you’ve got a laptop you can work from anywhere for us and the hours are flexible. 
  3. We practice what we preach. We created the most commented video on LinkedIn with 2M+ views, opened a gym on a shoestring budget of $200, and gained $200,000 in revenue in 21 days, we’ve had 10M+ views on copy published by the team at K&J and we’ve been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes and many others. 
  4. We pay people to learn. Each week you’ll have two paid hours dedicated to learning whatever you like.

Two practiced growth experts unite in February of 2016 to found one of only a select few growth specialist agencies today. 

Bringing a colorful background of writing for top publications like Forbes, and nitty-gritty digital marketing at a Fortune 500, as well as expertise in social media, virality, app development, press coverage & amazing personal networks. Since its founding, K&J has serviced 200+ clients, including some of the largest tech companies and universities as well as the VC-backed startups – all united by the pursuit of amazing results. K&J is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and Dunedin, New Zealand, and is comprised of 29 boutique specialists.